I would wait..all the autumns the world would have
In Finnish, Ruska signifies the period in the autumn when the foliage of trees has turned into shades of yellow, orange, and red. I actually think the song is great, I love Apocalyptica; their music always sends me in a certain state of mind. Just beautiful.

Now...the video...well..the video is a whole 'nother story.

(muzica de suspans; lumini; cortina...)

So let us witness the tragic, yet heart-warming story of two lovers who get separated, and long for their reunion.

Dummy manual :)) - just for those who didn't get it :
A couple in love gets separated for whatever reason. While he is traveling, an awful dark creature attacks him and turns him into one of its kind. She is led to believe that he suffered a brutal death, in the strong jaws of a wolf. We see her years after he has left, in bed, remembering the moment of his departure; but he is in her room, watching her in the dark. He is...(tadaammm)... a vampire. They go into the woods and die together, in each other´s arms, in a bitter sweet embrace. (pam pam)

unaccompanied minor

I always said i´d be happier alone. I have my work, my friends...but someone in your life all the time?! - more trouble then it´s worth. Apparently i got over it.
But there´s a reason i said i´d be happy alone. It wasn´t cos i thought i´d be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart I might not make it...It s easier to be alone..because...what if you learn that you need love...and then you don t have it...what if you like it and lean on it...What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Loosing love is like organ damage. It s like dieing. The only difference is - death ends -this, it could go on forever.

Allein ("Alone")

She is someone who, in her own words, "has a different world inside of her head" and who feels that "there is something inside of her that eats her up."
"Ohne dich" (Without you) is a ballad by Rammstein from the album Reise, Reise. It is seen as expressing mourning over the loss of a loved person. The central motif is 'Without you, I cannot be, without you..., With you, I am also alone, without you...'

Suntem toti niste molii fierbinti, tragem toti cu viata de dinti.

Pot sa respir.
Sunt in viata, de ce ma mir ca pot sa respir?
Ma bucur si tac, dar ce ma fac, caci fluturii mei nu mai au stomac in care sa zboare.
Deschid un ochi, nu vad nimic, « E mult prea intuneric », imi zic, dar ce ma fac, caci fluturii mei nu mai au stomac in care sa zboare.

rad rautacios si dur

infecta idila, draga iliad, gem intr-un tarziu, respectandu-i tacerea in care cazuse - iarta-ma ca nu te pot felicita pentru aceasta aventura.